Thursday, June 6, 2013

Who "New"

This phrase "Who New" just doesn't leave my mind these days. Obviously I am using new and not knew for a reason...

So what is NEW? May brought me plenty of NEW things like; a new job, signing with a TV Agent,  new car, new phone number, new hair color (dark hair don't care), and ok I think I will stop right there for now.

Honestly I am not one that always adjusts well to NEW things or quick changes but this month has been pretty dang liberating.

What triggered this whole NEW trend for me?

Well the whole "new job" thing just kind of happened, obviously.

Let's start with my phone number... I have been clinging to that 801 phone number like an old blankey, it was the first and only number I had.  I felt comfort in that.  My mom, sister and well everyone in AZ would always give me a hard time about having a Utah number when I have clearly been living in AZ but I carried that with pride, and it was a great conversation starter when giving boys my number, kidding but kind of true. Due to recent events and 8 years of my 801 number holding strong, I finally gave in and joined the 480.  It was a sad day but as I sent out texts and made phone calls to those I wanted to have my number, I realized that I cleaned out a lot of nonsense.   I was in full control as to who could contact me via phone. What a good feeling!

New car, who does that? Leave me alone for a few days and I will never cease to amaze you I promise.  I had been thinking about cars, I was frankly sick of mine.  Nothing was wrong with it, it has been a great car but I was trying to be smart.  I had put 45K on it in about 16 months and knew I either had to pony up and keep that car forevs or trade it in. Plus I needed a cuter car (don't judge that statement).  So, one day I get off work about an hour early and decided to stop by a local dealership to check out my options. Harmless right?
Here is some advice:

1- Never go to a dealership alone
2- don't make snap decisions
3- speak up

I found a great car, Chevy Cruze 2012 with only 8,000 miles on it.  I decided to test drive it, I loved it! Oops #4 don't fall in love with a car too fast.

Next thing I know I am walking out of the dealership with a NEW car.  Holy crap, that just happened. I got a great deal and love my Cruze, so I am one happy girl.

On to the next thing... Yes, I signed with a TV Agent. Sounds crazy huh? Well for me it is something that just kind of happened, I wasn't in the market to get on TV at the time when I met the Agent things just fell into place.  Does this mean I will be landing some big gig? No, probably not.  It would be a small town in the middle of nowhere, most likely a place I have never been before.

I am in a position in my life where I have nothing holding me back to chase this dream if I choose to.  Am I nervous or scared about it? Hell yes, I would be lying if I wasn't.  Do I think it's weird that I didn't do this when I first graduated? YES.  When I graduated from ASU I was in no way, shape or form ready to hit the ground running in the broadcasting world.  I wasn't sure I could handle being away from my fam, or just spiritually strong enough to be somewhere, where it wasn't saturated with Mormons.  I thought if I took a broadcasting job my life would be working weekends, never attending church aka less opportunity to meet someone and living in some small town that doesn't even have a Nordstrom. That just sounds devastating right? It did to me at least.

Now I would like to think I have grown up a bit, realizing I am far more capable of accomplishing things then I ever imagined.  I am not sure how this whole TV Agent thing will pan out for me but have high hopes that everything will fall into place... wait it always does.

I am stubborn, insanely logical, and love being in control of my life, therefore I think I know more than I really do.  I am positive Heavenly Father just laughs as I make plans.  He truly knows what is best for each of us as much as I sometimes don't feel like that or act like that.  I have to trust that if I am doing what I should be Heavenly Father will take care of me and bless me.  Easier said then done.

I am excited and anxious to see what my future holds but this summer I am taking time to live in the moment and have some fun!
Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas and San Luis Obispo are all on my mind as I get to venture out to these destinations and make some memories.


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